Most RIB covers are all over covers for winter storage and trailer transporting. The material used is an American light weight marine canvas which is highly UV resistant, rot-proof and exceptionally strong.

The standard colour is Marine blue with other colours available for a small surcharge if required. A small number of measurements are required and to make it simple there is a measurement requirement diagram which can be filled in and emailed back to us for quotation. Manufacture can then be undertaken here and the completed cover despatched to you.

These covers completely cover the RIB to under the tubes and cover the outboard half way down the leg. The rear pods are also covered (see illustration 1). Fastening is by three or four, depending on size, webbing straps which go under the hull and fasten on the opposite side into stainless steel buckles.



There is also a elastic bungy cord threaded all the way round the skirt of the cover. This prevents wind damage. Trailing at high speed is therefore not a problem. All over covers can be made for RIB’s from 3.5 meter to 9.5 meter (illustrations 5 & 7).

image 5

image 5

small rib cover

image 7











Complete covers for fitting on the mooring can also be supplied (illustration 59 and 59a), providing the gunwhale is of the type illustrated.


image 59

59a Hook










Starspring have patterns for most RIB types and sizes but make sure they have it right you can use our measurement templates.

A special project we undertook a few years ago was providing complete protection to the driver and passenger on a Revenger 29. We call it the “RIBCAB” and can be seen here (illustration 35 at 60 knots & 36 stationary).


image 35


image 36









Following this we were asked to produce a RIBCAB for a 5.5 meter RIB which was for use in one of the Scottish islands to transport the owner, his wife and two children to the mainland in summer and winter alike (Illustrations 38 & 39).


image 38


image 39