Sailing yacht accessories & other projects.

Our regular stock products include covers for

  • windlasses
  • winches
  • rope tidies
  • wheel and pedestals
  • and outboard motors.
  • We can also make made to measure covers for hatches, Life rafts and new Dodgers.
  • Other Projects


Wheel, Pedestal/Binnical Covers

Photographs illustrate our wheel cover with separate Pedestal cover. This design is closer fitting than one piece wheel/pedestal covers, thus, less susceptible to wind damage.

For the pedestal all we need is a simple sketch with dimensions and any projections that need containing within the cover such as auto pilot drives, table and drinks rack, etc.

Wheel Cover

Wheel Cover

0150    66.0 (26″)
0151    71.1 (28″)
0152    76.2 (30″)
0153    81.3 (32″)
0154    91.4 (36″)
0163    97.0 (38″)
0155    101.6 (40″)
0156    106.6 (42″)
0157    121.9 (48″)
0158    132.0  (52″)
0159    137.1 (54″)
0160    152.4 (60″)
0161    177.8 (70″)
0162    203.2 (80″)




Outboard Motor Covers

0128 Honda 2h - 4 stroke & Malta

0128 Honda 2h – 4 stroke & Malta

Motorcovers give complete protection from weather, salt water corrosion, condensation and UV deterioration. It also helps prevent waxing of fuel mainly caused by periods of exposure to the sun with little use, a typical situation with outboards used on yachts. Use of an engine cover will therefore improve reliability extending the trouble free life of your engine.



Outboard motor covers

0131 (6 to15 HP) 2-stroke outboard

The design is unique to Starspring with a combination of 22mm elastic and three Velcro fasteners, which enables easy fitting and removal of the Engine Cover even where remote wheel steering is used when the main Velcro fastener is passed underneath the engine control cables. The range fits all outboard motors from 2HP to 250HP. Selection is easy with main manufacturers models listed.

0128    Honda 2HP – 4 stroke & Malta
0129    All other outboards up to 3.5HP  2-stroke
0130    Johnson / Evenrude / Yamaha / Mariner / Tohatsu 4 & 5HP – Force / Nissan / Mercury 4 to 6HP – Honda 5HP
0131     Johnson, Evinrude, Yamaha, Mariner & Tohatsu  6 to 15HP – Force / Nissan / Mercury – Honda 8 to 15HP
0132    Johnson / Mercury / Evinrude / Yamaha / Mariner / Nissan / Tohatsu – Honda 20 to 50HP -  2-stroke
0133    Johnson / Mercury / Evinrude / Yamaha / Mariner / Nissan & Tohatsu 60 and 70HP -  2-stroke
0134    Johnson / Evinrude / Yamaha / Mariner / Mercury / Nissan & Tohatsu 90 to 175HP – Honda 70 to 90HP -  2-stroke
0135    Johnson / Evinrude / Yamaha / Mariner / Mercury / Nissan & Tohatsu 200HP and above – Honda 90HP plus -  2-stroke




Rope Tidies

Rope Tidy

Rope Tidy

Get rid of the rope ends that clutter yacht cockptis by fitting one or more ‘Starspring’ rope tidies. Each pocket will take in excess of fifteen meters of 12mm multiplat rope. A drain eyelet is fitted in the base of each pocket and four stainless steel securing pop studs are provided. Just fit the positive studs to teh appropriate position and pop them on.

0136 double rope tidy is 34cm (13.5″) wide and 36cm (14.25″) high.




Life Raft Covers

life raft cover

Life raft Cover

Measure the square dimensions. We will produce the cover with elastic shock cord draw string for secure fitting.





Above are our stock range. We have the dimensions of all Lofrens, Lewmar, Simpson and Lawrence and many others.


Windlass Cover

Windlass Cover

Here are the eight windlass covers are included in this comprehensive range. In all cases the manufacturer, model number and profile are listed. If your windlass is not included we

will manufacture to your dimensions, or if you give us the make and model we will generally find the dimensions on the net.

Fastening horizontal windlasses are by elastic and velcro.

Windlass covers protect the windlass and keep water out of the chain pipe.



Winch Covers

Winch models

Winch Models


Frequency of service and the life of winches and windlasses will be extended by protection from weather, salt water corrosion and condensation.  UV deterioration, a common problem with some composition components, will be eliminated.

Winch Cover

Winch Cover

Thirteen Winchcaps starting from the 120mm (4¾”) width x 120mm (4¾”) height models to the 680mm (27”) width x 530mm (21”) height, covers almost every conceivable combination of winches found on today’s yachts.  Secure fitting is achieved by internal 25mm elastic. Major manufacturers are listed with their model number for easy identification If we don’t have your model listed, just let us have maximum diameter including self tailor and height, we will give you the the price and availability.








Simply measure length and indicate with a sketch if there are angles on ends.

Price: €12 per foot.





Sprayhoods can be manufactured using old ones as a pattern, here in illustrations 43 and 44 is an example.


image 43a

image 44

image 44











New windows and other repairs can also be done.









image 24

image 24


Here in illustration 24 is a little Orkney
that needed new windows.












image 55

image 55


In illustration 55 is a small traditional sailing
day-boat where we manufactured a cockpit cover.















image 4

image 41

image 42

image 42

Covers for wheels, binnacles, winches, can be supplied with some simple dimensions sent to us by email. Sample images 41 and 42.













From time to time we have unusual jobs. Here in 62 and 62a we made this rolling zipped curtain for a summer house in Lincoln UK, with the customer providing the dimensions and ultimate photographs.


image 62

image 62a

image 62a










Images 63 and 63a are of a local summer house with two rolling zipped curtains. In both cases the colour was Oyster.

Image 63


Image 63a

image 63a